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Cassius Kane

London based Director of Photography 



+44 782 606 4811




Sony, Vogue, Juicy Couture, Vivienne Westwood, M&S, TikTok, La Roche Pose, British Heart Foundation, Evening Standard, Female Magazine, Ouronyx, A Look Into, Slow Process, Authored Makeup, Perfect Moment, Della Vite, 


Alexa Mini LF

Arri Amira 



Sony x Loreen // Jedidah M

Pink Pantheress X ES Mag  // Director:  Aidan Zamiri

Ouronyx  //  Director:  Kate Martin

Joy Crooks X Woman  //  Director:  Justin Chen

M&S Christmas Song //  Director: Mykea Perry

Vivienne Westwood – AW22/23 //  Director:  Joshua Davidson

Authored Makeup  //  Director:  Lily Bertrand-Web

Vivienne Westwood – SS22 //  Director:  Joshua Davidson

Juicy Couture – AW21 //  Director:  Aidan Zamiri 

Vivienne Westwood – AW21 //  Director:  Joshua Davidson

Perfect Moments //  Director:  Cassius Kane

Vivienne Westwood – SS21 //  Director:  Louis Simonon

British Heart Foundation  //  Director:  Lily Bertrand-Web

La Roche-Posay  //  Director:  Lily Bertrand-Web

Della Vite - Valentines  //  Director:  Cassius Kane

Della Vite - Christmas  //  Director:  Cassius Kane


Music Video

Tala Ngai Awa  //  Director:  Asia Ahmed

You kind of grate on me  //  Director: Mykea Perry

Esmeralda  //  Director:  Molly Fenn

We UP - Osquello //  Director:  Tansy Taylor

Running Man - PeterXan //  Director:  Shireen Kadhim

Stuck In These Walls  //  Director:  Mykea Perry

Faith – Ayesha Raquel //  Director: Tansy Taylor

Brasilerio - Bawo //  Director: Tansy Taylor

You Get It - Bawo  //  Director: Tansy Taylor

3AM  //  Director: Tansy Taylor


Sharing //  Director: Mykea Perry

Watcher // Ivo Bright

Darling //  Director: Mykea Perry

Saturday Night Inside Out   //  Director: Ivo Bright 

It's Going To Be Okay // Mykea Perry

Where You At? // Ivo Bright

A Car At Night // Mykea Perry

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